Thursday, October 18, 2007

THE geek gift for Christmas

Now THIS is what you buy a geek for Christmas.

Nikko electronics R2-D2 digital audio & video dvd projector

I actually saw this in the Sharper Image catalog, and said to myself, "Any respectable geek would find this to be the best gift for several years, at least."

It stands 20.5" high. It has an LCoS projector that does 4:3 (eh) as wide as 80 inches. It has a built-in DVD/CD player, an FM tuner, an iPod dock, an SD card slot and a USB connector. It has built-in stero speakers with surround sound.

But to give it true geek cred, it has a wireless remote that is a replica Milleniium Falcon. Not only does the remote control all the geeky toys inside, it controls R2: forward, backward, right, left.

AND: put the remote in the stand and it LIGHTS UP!

Excuse me, but I need a mop, and now. To clean up all my drool on the floor.

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