Saturday, March 17, 2007

The purpose of ProGeek

For the purposes of pinning down for myself why I am writing and about what I will write, I thought I should put together the purpose of this blog. This blog shall, with the appropriate amounts of humor and seriousness:
  • be a place where I discuss shortcomings and failings of technology as I, in my limited knowledge, see them;
  • be a forum where I shall discuss the light-bulb moments in my walk with Jesus Christ (because he is, as the creator of the universe, the ultimate geek);
  • be a place where I can put down my thoughts about the coming end of the universe (and I don't mean the restaurant);
  • allow me to take my keen eye and intellect (and humility, don't ya know) and apply it to all sorts of situations and point out errors, silliness, and serious shortcomings.
Alas, as I have a great interest in mathematics, there will be math on this blog. It cannot be avoided. And I wouldn't avoid math, even if I had the chance.